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2662 Memorial –  East Lake


3 BEDROOMS | 2 BATH | 1,113 SQFT

This home we renovated for a young family was really one for the books. This traditional city bungalow was fully gutted all the way to the rafters. We breathed new life into this home by combining modern amenities and luxurious finishes with the classic design features of the traditional bungalow cottage including: one-story living, low pitched roof, and gabled front porch. This once compartmentalized 2 bedroom 1 bath is now an open sun-filled 3 bedroom 2 bath.


2 BED | 1 BATH


3 BED | 2 BATH







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Objective: Make the living space open and airy. We relocated the front door from the right of the house to more of the center of the house so that you could walk into the heart of the home. That amazing brick fireplace that served as the primary focal point was hidden behind one of the walls.


Objective: Construct the perfect open concept room that’s ideal for family gatherings and entertainment. We relocated the kitchen from the tight right corner of the house and put it at the end of the entrance room. We provided generous space to move around and a bartop for entertaining. The brass pendants were the most eye-catching piece of the kitchen.


Objective: Create a separate living space for family gatherings. Instead of putting the living room in the entrance of the home, we placed it behind the fireplace to provide a more cozy and private feel. The end result was a surprisingly large sunfilled space.


Objective: Construct a master suite separate from the additional bedrooms. The key to renovated a small home is getting the layout just right. When the layout is perfect you never feel how small the house really is. We built the master suite on the left-rear of the house and the guest bedrooms on the right-side where the entrance and kitchen use to be. We gave the additional bedrooms pocket-doors so that we could really optimize the full space.


Objective: Construct a master off-suite as well as a hallway bathroom that serves both the living space and the additional bedrooms. We tucked the hallway bathroom in the nook with bedrooms so that we bathroom did not feel like it was just sitting right in the living room. The master bath takes up the space that is actually behind the laundry room that we built in the hallway.


Objective: Make the home look more like a traditional bungalow cottage. The previous design of the house was all wrong. So when we set to redesign the layout we started with moving the front entrance to the center of the house versus the side. We removed all of the old damaged siding and replaced it with new vinyl siding. We added a small gabled porch with appealing architectural features and custom made shutters to match the front door. The rear deck was a true statement piece that garnered the attention it deserved. the professional landscaping and new driveway were the cherry on top of the curb appeal.

Our Mission.

When a passion for real estate is combined with talented individuals who have an uncontrollable urge to inspire, while creating and achieving legacies; then all lives will be made possible. At Possible Living we help our clients live possible, by taking real estate and revitalizing, rejuvenating, and re-energizing it.

Our Belief.

We are fueled by the spiritual belief that we are here to make a difference in the word. So we are focused on not only providing the best real estate experience to our clients but helping people in the communities we serve live like they never thought possible through a commitment to charitable contributions and volunteer work.

Our Purpose.

With us, every facet of your real estate project is already working seamlessly together. Allowing us to do it all more efficiently and more effectively, while remaining price conscious. Everything counts: design, location, ROI, even your emotions. It’s all about getting you the most out of real estate.



Possible Living is a full-service design + build and residential redevelopment investment firm, specializing in the renovation of old homes. We turn your fixer upper into the home of your dream.


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